Led Gallery

Led Gallery is specialized in unique designing and manufacturing of lampshades. The company was established with high understanding and knowledge of this market that is developing all the time. Today all agree that lampshades are a stylish element to both in and out doors that is cost effective – the effect that you get compare to the price you pay is definitely worthwhile! It can give to your house, business or garden the required effect that you need. Our lampshades are a combination of natural unique material such as olive tree trunk rubies ceramics metal etc that we import from all over the globe. We designed our lampshades thinking of all kind of places at home where you might need different atmosphere so we have lampshades for your living room, reading panes bad rooms and dining rooms. In addition to that we offer our lampshades to businesses that want to create an original and interesting exhibitions, private galleries exhibitions and conferences that need to attract attention… Also based on your wishes or requires we are able to design a private, by demand lampshades. Led gallery was established by two fresh designers that are aspire their creativity from both nature and the needs of their relatives and friends. This gives their work the practicality and the reasonable prices. In addition to that we are also working with architects and build together with them the lampshades that are fit to their customers

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